The Founder

Madiha’s first business apprenticeship was on the hands of her father when she was involved since her early days in marketing and selling fashion jewelry raw materials.
Her fine taste in accessory design has evolved out of her love for fashion, where she has organized numerous fashion shows in Beirut and several vogue events for Darling’s.

Madiha has harnessed her experience with many years work in fashion and retail business.

Being the founder of the business, her vision is driving force behind the success of Darling’s brand.

In addition to her passion for business, Madiha is active in the public work, she was elected to the Board of Directors of the Lebanese Franchise Association (LFA) in 2009, and then elected Vice President 2011. During these past few years, she has spear-headed many LFA projects, most notably, the Beirut International Franchise Forum and Exhibition (BIFEX), which has become the LFA’s event of the year. Raslan firmly believes that BIFEX provides an opportunity for the Lebanese franchise sector to shine…and show that franchising is the business format of the present and future.

the founder

history and background

History and background

Darling’s roots goes back to 1966 when the first store opened in the old town of Beirut. The main business was marketing and selling fashion jewelry raw materials.

Capitalizing on success

Franchising has created a new set of exciting possibilities and thrilling opportunities for Darling’s Touch franchisees.


Our ultimate goal is to become a leading brand in the world of fashion jewelry and accessories bringing to light the beautiful mix of the Oriental and Western culture and style.

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