Vision and values

Our ultimate goal is to become a leading brand in the world of fashion jewelry and accessories bringing to light the beautiful mix of the Oriental and Western culture and style.

We don’t develop a vision and then work to achieve it. We live our vision every day. Every day we achieve small successes which lead to our ultimate goal of becoming the world’s leader in the fashion jewelery and accessories business. Our vision is part of our culture and is inherent in every detail of our business.

We understand that our staff can have their own ambitions, but we work very closely with them to align our objectives, so that we can have a loyal team that is part of the overall company roadmap.

Every day we remind ourselves that we ore the leading brand in our field and we are capable of winning the competition against top brands in the middle east and the rest of the world.

We listen carefully to our customers and we do our test to meet their needs and always exceed their expectations.

We believe that individuals who are treated with respect and given responsability respond by giving their best. We are responsible to our Darling’s Touch family members, the women and men who work with us.


history and background

History and background

Darling’s roots goes back to 1966 when the first store opened in the old town of Beirut. The main business was marketing and selling fashion jewelry raw materials.

the founder

The Founder

Madiha is the founder and General Manager of Darling’s Touch. Her vision and dedication are the driving forces behind Darling’s Touch success.

Capitalizing on success

Franchising has created a new set of exciting possibilities and thrilling opportunities for Darling’s Touch franchisees.

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